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Welcome! Lets talk NuVision Windows tablets

Posted on July 18 2016

Welcome to the NuVision blog as we discuss the very popular NuVision 8” Signature-Edition Series TM800W560L Windows 10 tablet. Microsoft stores sell it for $129 or less. Specs are available on our website click here

It is my first attempt at a blog so it will be a learning experience. Should you have suggestions or comments about any subject of interest related to NuVision to add, email to I’d love to hear from you. With that said, please take note that I won’t be responding back to any individual emails. The blog will be a forum to communicate new product and accessory introductions, highlight features from current product, and provide answers to commonly asked questions (visit the FAQ page for Windows and Android) that need to be expanded upon.

 NuVision Signature-Edition Bullet Points:

  • The NuVision TM800A560L 8” Full HD PC Windows 10 Tablet, is the first Microsoft Certified CTE device in the world currently being offered in the U.S.
  • The certification process requires that higher-end components be used in manufacturing. 
  • The end result is an even better Windows 10 experience for the end-user
  • Very rigorous engineering process to complete.
  • Statistically, the NuVision Signature-Edition Series of tablet PCs are substantially more stable than other tablets in the market. 
  • No additional apps are pre-installed which gives you a cleaner and faster experience. 
  • It includes a "ready-to-go" anti-virus software called Defender, that is free, never expires and comes with free updates.


When it comes to just how good the Signature-Edition tablet is, don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the many 5 star reviews that provide some great insight…

This is an unbelievable bargain

Best 8" tablet available anywhere, nicely designed and built and with enough memory to do real work. It can even handle a mammoth program like Scrivener. And it does come clean from the Microsoft Store. When it arrives, turn it on, and you're pretty much in business. Very pleased with it.

Really Impressed

Purchased this for the wife to replace a Samsung Tab7 that was running too slow for her. I'm a bit of a Windows nut, so when I saw this tablet for this price and what appeared to be solid reviews. I got one. Packaged well. The tablet is a very nice 8" tablet. Looks are elegant and it feels solid in the hands. Fired it up and linked it to my wife's MS account and almost everything carried over, including her saved theme setup from her windows 10. Speed is very good running Windows, battery life is ok-have not seen any issues I can complain about. You cannot beat this tablet for the price.

FIVE star tablets!

The tablet is portable I can carry it everywhere in my bag for school or for entertainment, it's really convenient. And the battery life is very long lasting. Above all, it's much cheaper than iPad, and is really a great deal for a student like me. Nice tablet!

Well there you go…now you know all you need to about the TM800W560L. Next week we will discuss a Windows 2 in 1 hybrid or a recent Android tablet. Let me know your interest! Until then, stay well all!

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