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Testing Out The Nuvision TM800A612R

Posted on September 26 2016


It has been a couple of days since I completed my assessment of the new 8” Android tablet featuring the latest Android operating system, Marshmallow v6.0. At this time I’d like to point out a few of the TM800A612R’s attributes and why I enjoyed the tablet over the course of my 5 day experience. Before you ever power the tablet on, it feels extremely comfortable in your hand. The platinum silver case is lightweight and very thin. I carried the solidly built tablet in my back pants pocket and admit I almost forgot a couple of times when ready to sit down. I don’t advocate carrying it around this way. You wouldn’t want you to crack the screen when you sit on it but the point is that’s how lightweight it is!

The NuVision TM800A612R is the first 8” Android in a new series called Solo 8. It features a 1280 x 800 HD resolution screen with a bright and wide angle display, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, dual cameras including a 5MP rear camera, built in Bluetooth, and a brand new quad core processor from Intel. The sound is amazingly clear and because it has 2 speakers (on the same side of the tablet) it gets pretty loud for such a thin mobile device. There is a memory card slot so you can add another 64GB of storage which is pretty nice because Marshmallow v6.0 allows you to use a memory card as additional internal storage. That way you can download lots of apps and files (videos, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.) and keep the memory card in the slot ready to call upon you favorites.

Another worthwhile feature in Marshmallow is the ease at which you can close any open, unused apps that run in the background sucking precious battery life. You see, when you have multiple apps open, they tend to reduce battery time and performance. Now it’s much easier to close these apps quickly so you can get back to what you are enjoying. I selected the square box in the Task Bar. It automatically displays all of your open apps so you can decide which ones to close or just close them all. You should get approximately 4-6 hours of use between charges depending on the applications you’re using. Note that streaming videos consumes lots of power so be conscious of the fact.

How else can you save on battery drain besides closing opened apps? Two things:

  • Reduce the screen brightness when you can.
  • Use the new Battery Saver feature. Go to SETTINGS > Battery Saver. Select accordingly!


Some of the pre-installed apps of interest include Microsoft Office for Android (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). With these apps you can create and edit your work right from the tablet. Microsoft has a cloud based Office 365 subscription available for $69.95/yr. or you can subscribe monthly instead. Other apps include a fun game called Family Farms, a news app, an app to protect passwords and payments, and a utility app to conveniently remove junk files and other clutter.

Of note is a comment my daughter made to me while watching some cat videos on YouTube. Since she always holds the tablet in her lap she told me the tablet didn’t get very warm like other tablets she has used in the past. Good call! I would have overlooked that point.

There is a Nuvision-branded leatherette “sleeve” with pouch that will be available for this model in the colors Black and Natural Leather. Microsoft stores will be carrying it in early October. Why Microsoft? Nuvision’s 8” Windows tablets are sold in store and dimensions are exactly the same.

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