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Welcome! Let us talk NuVision SOLO 10 DRAW

Posted on April 20 2017

Posted on March 14 2017

Welcome as we discuss the NuVision 10.1” Signature-Edition Series tablet coming to Microsoft Stores this week. It’s called the TM101W610L, but you will know it as SOLO 10 DRAW. Specs are available on our website click here.


NuVision Signature-Edition Bullet Points:

The NuVision TM101A610L 10.1” Full HD Windows PC Tablet is a fantastic achievement and because it is a pen-enabled device that supports Microsoft Ink, you can use it as a drawing tool to express yourself creatively. Drawing on a Windows tablet has been quite cumbersome but the NuVision SOLO 10 DRAW finally brings it all together. Whether you annotate emails, revise word docs, or have a graphical vision for the next awesome skyscraper design, you can draw on the tablet’s touch screen worry-free due to the inclusion of palm-rejection technology. The digital pen included with the tablet has 1024 pressure levels for greater accuracy.

Trust me, when you do a search for Microsoft Ink you’ll begin to understand that this drawing platform makes using a digital pen much more useful. And because the SOLO 10 DRAW is thin and lightweight, you’ll carry it everywhere. Did I tell you the device comes with a protective and elegant leatherette sleeve?

The certification process for a Signature-Edition tablet requires that higher-end components be used in manufacturing. The end result is an even better Windows 10 experience for you, the end-user.

Statistically, the 10.1” NuVision Signature-Edition tablet is substantially more stable than other tablets. No additional apps are pre-installed which gives you a cleaner and faster user experience. The SOLO 10 DRAW includes anti-virus software called Defender that is free, never expires, and comes with free updates.


For you spec geeks out there (yes you, that’s why you’re reading this) the wide-view 10.1” screen features a HD panel 1920 x 1200, 6800mAh battery, Bluetooth, micro digital video output, 2MP/5MP front/rear camera, 2GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage (no worries you can add a memory card with up to 64GB of additional storage). A full color user guide is included and periodically.  I’d recommend checking out the latest FAQs, training videos, and driver downloads as they become available. You will find these under Support at the website.

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